Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the GiraffeThis unique little toy was first created in France in 1961 using only natural rubber and food quality paint. Everything is handmade and safe for your little one to play with.

Sophie is 18cm in height, she makes a very happy sound when squeezed and can help sooth sore gums when little ones are teething. Sophie is easy to grip and is the perfect size for babies hands to hold onto, as well as the perfect size to not be a choking hazard.

Sophie is a great toy to have as she stimulates all five of the babies senses.

Her attention grabbing spots provide visual stimulation and becomes a familiar and reassuring object that your little one will want to keep around.

The happy sound she makes when pressed not only keeps your little one amused, but also stimulates hearing and later on helps aid in the understanding of cause and effect.

Because Sophie is made from natural rubber and food quality paint, your little ones taste buds will be stimulated when chewing on her.

The soft texture and chew-able parts makes Sophie the perfect soother, from her legs to head your babies chewing needs will be fulfilled from all sides.

The scent of Sophies natural rubber makes it easy for your little one to identify with her easily, especially once she has forged her connection to her new toy.

The perfect toy for your little one, chew-able, huggable and loveable!

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