Funny Parenting Tweets: The (No) Sleep Edition

Funny Parenting Tweets: The (No) Sleep Edition

It’s no secret that sleep becomes almost non-existent once babies come into the picture. It’s all anybody ever tells you before you become a parent. Yet, we do it anyway and willingly choose to experience extreme sleep-deprivation firsthand. But the plus side, is that funny parents everywhere can then tweet about it.

1. Productivity at its finest.

2. Bummer.

3. AKA not adult movies.

4. No. Just, no.

5. The footsteps heard around the world.

6. Just one more question.

7. #Always.


9. That does sound fun.

10. Oops.

11. Hope you don’t mind.

12. Good a time as any.

13. It just takes so much effort.

14. No brainer.

15. A thing we do now.

16. Kids make the best birth control.

17. Sneaky, sneaky.

18. Common misunderstanding.

19. Yeah, you’re nowhere close to bedtime.

20. Well that’s depressing.

21. This is hell.

22. We’ve all been there.

23. A perfect combination.

24. A tragic bedtime story.

25. Oh, the irony.

26. They’re so cute when they’re unconscious. 

27. It’s time to slumber.

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