Playsam Toys

Are you looking for an original and exclusive gift to give to your little one?

Babybelle stocks some of the most exclusive and original ranges available.
Playsam is a luxury Swedish brand that captures the essence of old and young alike. These wooden products are innovative, timeless, simple and sophisticated.
Made from solid beech wood making the construction sturdy yet simple, and lacquer paint that is free of all toxic materials including lead, these toys will not only be safe to let your little one play with, but will create hours of fun filled entertainment.
With its nostalgic and classic design, playsam toys are fast becoming an original and exclusive gift that becomes a valuable keepsake.
Making use of characteristic colours, including bright reds, blacks and white, Playsam supplies a contemporary feel with a high quality finish, supplying any nursery with a bright new touch and any child with an original new toy.
One can either aim for the stars, go racing around on four wheels, zoom in and out of the sky or even go for a casual stroll.
Here at Baby Belle we offer all these exclusive futuristic and classic designs for you to purchase.
From the Rocket, Streamliner car, Airliner to the classic pram! Coming in a range of colours from red, black, white, blue and pink.
Look no further than Baby Belle toy collection for that unique gift to surprise your little one with, one that may be passed on through many generations


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