Your Four Month Old Baby

Your Four Month Old Baby

Four months marks the point when you look back and realize how very easy you had it with a newborn. Remember the days when you could leave your baby on the couch and not worry about what would happen while you quickly ran to the bathroom? Well, those days are OVER. Forever!

Your Four Month Old Baby

• You may have to go back to work this month. Whether you’ve been counting down the minutes until you return to the world of actual clothes and conversation, or have been dreading it with all of your might, one thing is for sure: Returning to work will be a huge adjustment for both you and your baby. Be sure to cut yourself some slack, whichever side of the fence you fall on.

 Hello, drool. It’s a good thing your baby is so cute at this point, because the drool all over his face all the time… isn’t. Aside from the lovely coating of wetness everywhere, drooling will also result in soaking wet shirts and a possible facial rash. Not to worry; drooling is most likely a sign of teething and won’t stick around forever.

• Great news for the sleep-deprived zombie moms: By this point your baby should be developing a somewhat regular sleep schedule (just in time for it to be ruined by your going back to work or their teething). You may even get a few full nights of sleep this month! Enjoy them, because, as you’ve learned by now, no baby phase lasts for long.

 If your baby is curious about what you’re eating, can hold his head up and can sit up on his own, he’s probably ready to start solids this month. Say hello to more laundry, more mess and gag-worthy diapers! (If you thought they were bad before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.) Sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, peaches, and pears are generally good choices to start with, but be careful to mix in some not so sweet things, too (like peas and string beans,) or you’ll soon have a mini-sugarholic on your hands. And remember: Babies often need to be introduced to a new food four or five (or more) times before they’ll accept it, so try to be patient. He’s not trying to be an asshole… really.

Scary Mommy Tip: Get in the damn picture! You probably have about 6 million shots of your baby by now, but based on photographic evidence, he’s being raised without a mother. That’s pathetic. Stop beating yourself up over the weight you haven’t lost or the roots that really need to be colored and step out from behind the camera. For you, and your baby.

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