Your Two Month Old Baby

Your Two Month Old Baby

At two months old, your baby is already or will soon start smiling at you, at which point this motherhood gig becomes a whole new ballgame. No longer are you dedicating ’round the clock care to an entirely thankless and endless job; your thanks now comes in the form of precious little baby smiles and there’s nothing better. Finally, some fun for you in all of this. It’s about time!

Your Two Month Old Baby

Keep that camera handy; you’ll want to look back on those sweet smiles when you’re dealing with non-stop screaming a few hours later. In fact, month two marks the period when babies cry the most. Hey, at least they’re smiling, too!

Halfway through this month, you’ll head to your six week check up and most likely get the all-clear from your doctor to start having sex again. If you aren’t ready, (and how the hell would you be?!) LIE. No, honey, the doctor said at least another month until I get the all clear. Here’s a tissue.

If you are ready to jump back in the saddle, remember that breastfeeding isn’t a reliable form of birth control. Unless you want a set of Irish Twins on your hands, (are you INSANE?) get yourself on the pill or set up with an IUD or go old school with condoms. Just figure something out.

 If you had a c-section, your excuse to not lift anything, vacuum, or workout is coming to an end. Take it easy when returning to your regular activities; the last thing you want to do is push your body too hard and have to spend even more time recuperating.

Scary Mommy Tip: Trust your gut and ignore advice you never asked for in the first place. Sadly, having a new baby is like holding up a sign that says “I’M INCOMPETENT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW EVERYTHING I’M DOING WRONG!” The peanut gallery (comprised of both people you know and complete strangers,) will have advice on everything from how best to swaddle, sleep train, calm, wipe, outfit, etc. Get used to it, because as your baby grows, the unwanted advice does, too. The most important thing to remember is that nobody else on earth has ever had your baby, and you really do know best.

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