CaptureLay your little one down to rest and have the best night’s sleep ever, does that sound like something you and your little one need? Do you want your little one to not wake up and be comfortable the whole night through?

Doudou’s are primarily used to soothe and settle babies in at night or at nap time and comforts babies for hours.

Our range of doudous do just that, used to either lay your little ones head on at night or can be used as something for them to hold onto tightly and chew on.

Coming in a variety of fabrics that are soft and plush, perfect for your little ones gentle head to rest on and sleep at night, but it will also satisfy your babies need to chew on something.

This helps your baby to go to sleep quicker and easier, but will provide comfort to keep them in dreamland for a while as it provides that feeling of comfort and security, something every child needs at night and when they are sleeping.

The knotted corners, arms and legs are specifically designed to provide something for your little one to chew on, this not only helps with teething but also helps with the process of getting your baby off of a pacifier, but make sure you give it a good wash every now and then to keep it clean and mouth friendly.

Most doudous come in a size of 23cm which makes the perfect bedside companion and soother to cuddle and hold tightly, while chewing on it at the same time.

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