In Hospital Essentials

In Hospital Essentials

After getting the wonderful news that my husband and I were expecting, the planning process began. Making the bigger decisions regarding my nursery came easily to me, however it was arranging all the birthing options where the fun part started. Packing my hospital bag with all the essentials was just the start!

With a ten-year age gap between my first child, Isabella, and our new little bundle of joy, Sebastian, I didn’t realize how much times have changed in the past 10 years.

For products, apart from the traditional well known baby skin care ranges, I wanted to find something organic and not harmful to my little one but still including a natural fragrance to keep him soft, smooth and smelling good. I decided to go with Oh-Lief which is currently the new-age baby skin care range.

When it came to bum balm, Oh-Lief’s natural olive bum balm left Sebastian’s bottom silky smooth as well as leaving a fresh scent of lavender behind.

For clothing I selected a newborn sticky fudge Peter Grower for while we were still in hospital. The Peter grower I found was breathable, warm, and the side buttons allowed me to have a stress free nappy change. To keep his head warm I paired a Sticky Fudge Quinn beanie with the grower.

Sebastian was born on a winter’s day, so it was vital that he was dressed warmly when we departed the hospital. The Sticky Fudge Phoenix grower was ideal, and seeing that I am a fan of neutral and muted tones the grey mélange was the perfect decision.

Traditionally swaddling is done with layers of blankets, and I’ve seen all the hype about Aden and Anais swaddles but have never understood the fuss until  Sebastian’s arrival. The Aden and Anais Bamboo swaddles are luxuriously soft and is the ideal fabric to use on delicate baby skin. I found the texture of the muslins easy to swaddle with and it provided enough warmth and space for movement.

For additional warmth I added a trendy Stokke knitted blanket, made from 100% cotton with a thick weave giving it quite a contemporary look. Again I went with the neutral tone of grey mélange.

We chose a travel system after many hours of research. I initially loved the concept and design of the Stokke Range, so upon choosing the Xplory V4 stroller, choosing the Izigo Be Safe car seat was an ideal option.  The fabric choice was Black mélange, which is a mixture of my love for grey mélange and the classic black.

In my opinion the safety and security of my baby in a car seat was of more importance than that of the stroller. The Stokke Besafe Izi Go Isofix base was installed in our family car and this immediately eliminated any chance of human error when having to strap in a car seat. It is also a major time saver. The car seat is suitable from birth up until approximately 13 kg so we knew we were sure to get some longterm use from it.

To protect Sebastian from the weather elements I threw over one of our white hand crochet luxury baby blankets that did not leave him in total darkness but also kept him warm.

To lighten the neutral tones up I added a Romy and Rosie cradle cable knit blanket in blue to make the journey home that much warmer and more comfortable.

Hospital Essentials for babies


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